Sunday, December 15, 2019 - 18:07

Reverse consignment?

    Any interest in doing reverse consignment?  That is, someone asks for an item and provides an offer, someone else provides it.


    Obviously it would be kind of difficult to get the mechanics of that sort of transaction enforced in game, however, players can still make requests and others can try to fill them.


    Feel free to start threads in the respective shard forums for reverse consignment requests.  If this becomes more popular, I may create a separate system to keep track of them. 


    ever hear someone say "WTB

    ever hear someone say "WTB <item> <price> <contact method>"




    Yeah, I do. :p


    Sometimes it goes unanswered... and sometimes I'm bored and wonder if someone has a low priority craft order.


    Think of it more as a wish list (reverse consignment), rather than a shopping list (WTB request).