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    Main Wiki Page

    This will be fleshed out with the knowledge and wisdom of trusted and experienced players.



    Issues relating to gameplay... just about everything encounted while playing Istaria.

    Most of these topics are covered in-depth at the fan-maintained Istaria Wiki:


    Known Bugs

    Gameplay Strategies


    Player Data

    Arrangements of player data collected from the net log and world cache

    Consigner Search (Chaos)

    Unfinished World Objects (Chaos) (stale)

    World Projects (Order) (stale)

    Plot Owners (Chaos) (very stale)

    Free Plots (working on getting updates)

    Player Data Sources

    Map Pack (3.5)




    Issues relating to Horizons but not encountered while playing.

    Bleeding-Edge Clients 

    Player Mods

    Nonexistent node


    Quest Design

    IRC Chat


    Bristugo Site

    Anything relating to the use of this site.



    wiki howto

    photos howto