Sunday, December 15, 2019 - 18:04

Take a deep breath, count to 10.

    It certainly has not taken long for the varous Horizons sites and services outages to be noticed, though hot on its heels are the rumblings of doom, gloom, and the end of all that is.


    I myself only noted the problem a scant half-hour past, when attempting to briefly log on during my lunch break.  At the time I also discovered that most Horizons sites were unreachable, and their IPs unpingable (okay so strictly speaking it was not responding to pings, but it sounds better that way).


    In the short time that followed, I noticed the homepage return, though tis little more than framework without the supporting databases, and much of the content appears missing.  I've seen the community site bounce back and forth from being unreachable to unreadable to unspecified database errors. And the horizons homepage, SSL certificate error and all, seems to be crawling its way back up.


    So I refer you now to the subject of this posting.  It certainly appears that someone is attempting to get things back up and running, and it may well involve more than pushing a few buttons and flicking a switch.  The specifics of what has gone awry may never enter the light of public knowledge, but by all accounts there will be another dawn for Istaria.


    at least someone is trying

    at least someone is trying to do ~something~

    which is certainly better than doing nothing and leaving us without a sign

    just giootta wait now


    ~sips tea from her Horizons

    ~sips tea from her Horizons mug~

    I can wait, I'll just hang around and see what happens.

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    Please be advised, there was a massive power failure at Lime Light Networks in Phoenix today, as a result of sever weather and related factors.  This power failure caused an uncontrolled shutdown of all Horizons facilities/servers.  We are in the process of working through all of the issues and rebuilding databases where necessary.  This process is going to take sometime, we will provide an estimated up time on this website, just as soon as we have a better idea of the time frames involved. 

    Thank you for your understanding,

    The Horizons Team

    MESSAGE POSTED: 2:30 PM EDT : 7-17-07




    thank you

    thank you for the update and i have noticed as well does seem to be slowly crawling back up

    very thankful for whoever is helping the game

    and praying for them

    it mean alot to everyone

    *sits down to wait patiently*


    By istarias grace

    we will rise again!



    ty chasing for the update much appricated!!

    *sits down and waits*

    poor storms... good luck horizons team :DD


    Just noticed that too.

    I was just about to update this thread with that lil informational blurb, but ya beat me to it. Wink


    *does tail wiggle*

    so happy now lol



    Squee!!!   I probably



    I probably shouldn't get so emotional about an online game, but I'm so glad this isn't the end for Istaria.