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Update on Maintanence!

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    MESSAGE POSTED 3:00 PM EDT - 7-18-07
    Please be advised the Horizons game is down for maintenance.  The game restart process is now underway, we will advise on this website when the game is back online.  When the game does come back online, players must use the Horizons Launcher to access the game, access via the website is not possible.

    The Horizons related websites, including the community and forums sites are not functional.  The www.istaria.com and horizons.istaria.com sites will display, but will not display properly.
    Website repairs will not be completed until later today. 

    Thank you for your understanding,

    The Horizons Team







    yay  lol my paitence is

    yay  lol my paitence is starting to wear thin glad its coming back up soon >.<


    Still on maintence!?

    Wow they sure must be busy to be taking this long. Well I guess it is good alteast they learn what the word communicate means and aren't leaving us totally in the dark like last time. *knock on wood*


    join the club

    as is mine

    continue to be positive :D

    or attempt to be



    hehe i agree

    i agree with u Xan

    but last time they did give us updates

    but close to when they were finished

    getting the game back up :P


    think happy thoughts of hoarding hehe

    *Hugs to all *


    lol right now im reading up

    lol right now im reading up on what each rop takes  keeping me entertained  >.< lol



    hehe u still have a ways to go Aara :P


    hehe i wanna see the parts

    hehe i wanna see the parts i  can hide behind you for :p most of the begining parts  i can :D lol



    lol what site are you on?

    and as for the killings

    i believe we have some different kills




    www.shadowspire.com/dragon/RoP/ lol there are a few different ones but the mirror / making a statue is same the crystal orb is the same you have to kill 3 enslavers i need to kill them too then a big dragon lol then it sorta branches off a bit



    *nods* ill check it out :D


    oops that link doesnt work 

    oops that link doesnt work  try http://shadowspire.com/dragons.htm should be easy to find rop section :D


    ahh ty

    thanks i was just bout to ask u  :D