Tuesday, August 11, 2020 - 20:11

Username and Password not found

    I'm very eager to get back into the game, but I'm been having Username/Password problems since Monday night.  I turned in a ticket on Wednesday morning.  Hopefully, I'll be able to get back in within a couple days.


    My story is that I signed up just over a year ago.  I canceled my account after about a month.  Went a week, and then decided to continue playing Horizons.  Unfortunately, this was right at the start of some of the billing problems.  I was unable to renew my subscription with my credit card, and have been unsuccessful in renewing for the past year.


    I know that the outage is supposedly due to a massive power failure, but the login page and Username/Password problem started a day before the outage.


    I really hope that I can return to Horizons with a paid account AND my current characters.


    Galem Thawn


    The website login is

    The website login is borked.  You'll get that error.


    Try using the standalone launcher. 


    I Hope too :D

    i hope u can return to HZ as well

    and u mentioned a ticket because of ur

    log in failure.. like it wont take ur password or email..

    what is this ticket thing?

    how do u do it?



    my friend has been having same troubles.


    Do share >^,,^<





    I get the error message if I

    I get the error message if I use the stand alone launcher or if I edit the prefs file and try opening Horizons.exe.


    Agua, You can submit a


    You can submit a trouble ticket at http://support.istaria.com/




    Hope u get it fixed soon...

    Yeah, G, wondered why I havent seen u in the past few days.  I just hope u get a quicker response at the support.istaria site than i have.  Still waiting over 2 months for an answer to my ticket...And I understand thats really not that long.