Sunday, June 20, 2021 - 08:14

Random chatter

    Guess I can use this for now.  Old messages will get pruned if this thread gets too long.  Meanwhile, go ahead and use it to chat!


    So uhh...  Who's out there?

    So uhh...  Who's out there? :P


    *waves wings*

    Im here!

    *looks around*

    or am i...




    Hehe hiya!   Are you back

    Hehe hiya!


    Are you back again?  I noticed you were gone for awhile. 



    Okay, maybe not.  I need to take off!  Seeya around!


    *bugs Nadia to finish the chat app*  *bug bug bug BUG* 



    hehe yeah i was on vaction...

    good times.. much needed..

    but now im back ^^

    lol i bet shes busy.. shell get it done

    oh ok have a good day ... night ... w/e hhe



    So here is some random chatter for yah :P


    I noticed that the photos in the gallery are  organized alphabetically, maybe it would be easier to organize it by most recently uploaded photos?  So we do not need to look through all 20 something pages to find the new ones.