Thursday, July 9, 2020 - 19:00


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    (Map making!)


    So, I've successfully pulled a whole bunch of plot data from the world cache and net logs. There may be some structure data in there too.


    Is there anything that you think would be interesting and would like to see?


    What I have:

    • plot locations
    • community boundaries
    • plot ownership
    • plot permissions
    • structure/world object locations
    • (maybe) plot permissions
    • (maybe) structure permissions
    • (incorrect) plot dimensions

    Of course, this data is not /live/. In fact, it's between 0 and 10 days old. I'll also need volunteers to keep it updated.


    For plots and structures, the process isn't too difficult. Just turn on your debug logs and fly around and visit some communities. Then you either send me your netlog and... uhm... world cache? o_O Or run a script (that I can provide once i've written it) to pull out the relevant data.


    I'd also like to get a consigner search going, however that will first require me to locate all the public consigners (in addition to the imperial ones), then trade with them. I will probably want some help with the latter part.


    edit:  A sample map can be found here.


    So, I'd like ideas for mapping and whether or not you can help me gather data.